Monday, July 18, 2011

New Useful Web Sites for July

We have added several great news sites to the Useful Web Sites. Check them out today!

o Wordle -- word cloud generator to help visualize the terms that appear most prominently within a text or on a website

o Living Wage Calculator -- by Penn. State U.

o NOAA Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) -- protecting coastal & marine resources and providing comprehensive solutions to envt'l hazards caused by oil, chemicals and marine debris

·         Under Medicine & Health

o   Health & Environmental Research Online (HERO) -- key studies the EPA uses to develop environmental risk assessments for the public, such as the nature and magnitude of health risks to humans ecosystems from pollutants in the environment

o   Quality Check of Hospitals and Other Health Care Organizations -- by the independent, not-for-profit Joint Commission, which is responsible for accreditation and certification of 19,000+ health care orgs in the US

· Under News & Media

o FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting -- challenging media bias and censorship since 1986

·         Under Philosophy

o   Basics of Philosophy -- a huge subject broken down into manageable chunks

o   Philosophy Bites -- highly acclaimed website offering hundreds of podcasts of conversations with leading philosophers chiefly from the UK and the US

· Under Science

o National Academies Press -- over 4,000 PDF-format books in science, engineering and medicine

o Science360: The Knowledge Network --sponsored by the National Science Foundation. A hub to online videos and other multimedia from science and engineering professionals, academic institutions and other organizations

o ScienceSeeker -- science news from science newsmaker

o TestTube -- behind the scenes videos in the world of science

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