Friday, January 08, 2010

New Route to Student Union and West Campus from the Library

From UTD's Pardon Our Progress page:

The fenced-in concrete sidewalk through the active Campus Landscape Enhancement Project site between the Student Union and McDermott Library has gone away and a new one has appeared several yards south. The new sidewalk can be accessed from the Student Union’s eastside ground-level exits. The fenced-in sidewalk crosses the active construction site toward the center of McDermott Library’s west face. The path heads south, hugging the library’s perimeter until it reaches Drive B, a small street that runs between McDermott and the Bookstore. McDermott Library's north entrance became the only access point after the original fenced-in sidewalk shut down on Dec. 21. The new sidewalk crossing the construction zone requires pedestrians to walk completely around the library to get inside. As such, the new sidewalk seems best suited for travel between the SU and the School of Management, Bookstore or parking Lots C, D, G and Q. The fastest way to reach McDermott Library's north entrance will be from points north of the Founders Hall renovation.

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